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Our online sports betting guide includes many articles that should improve your overall sports betting knowledge and teach you everything you need to know about sports betting in general.

If you are ready to start placing bets we suggest you visit our online sportsbooks page, which provides full reviews on all of our recommended online sportsbooks and should help you figure out which sportsbooks are right for you.

Online sports betting has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people have become more trusting of internet based companies and the social stigma of sports betting as a shady venture done in back allies has been corrected.  When done in a responsible manner sports betting can increase the viewing pleasure and excitement of sporting events.  If you feel gambling is becoming a problem for you or someone you know we suggest you visit Gamblers Anonymous to learn about ways to get help.

Sports Betting in August 2015

It’s been a slow summer in the world of sports, but things are looking up.  August brings the return of the NFL in the form of preseason football and the English Premier League kicks off on August 8th.  Even though the NFL is just preseason, it still gets us closer to regular season NFL football, which is definitely the most wagered on sports league in North America.  The EPL is the most wagered on league in the UK, so as I said, things are definitely looking up.

In golf the PGA Championships, the last Grand Slam of the season, is set to take place two weeks into August, and there are plenty of betting opportunities for this huge event.  DraftKings is running another “Millionaire Maker” contest where you can win $1,000,000 from a $20 entry.  The “Millionaire Maker” promotion will turn someone into a Millionaire thanks to this tournament.  Click here to check out our DraftKings review.

In the fight game Ian will still be adding his predictions for all of the biggest boxing fights this month.  I got this piece up a few days late, so the UFC 190 Rousey vs Correia event has already taken place and just like I predicted Rousey destroyed early in the first round.  The rest of the month just has a couple Fight Night events, before we get back to the PPV’s in September.

The MLB season is also in full swing and you can check out daily MLB picks here.

Overall, it’s a step in the right direction for sports betting fans.  The EPL is back, the NFL preseason is here, the last Grand Slam of golf is something to look forward to and then once we hit September and October we’re back into the prime time for sports betting in North America.  I can’t wait!