NHL Total Points Over/Under Futures Betting 2011/12


Sports Interaction, our top rated Canadian sportsbook, has released over/under’s for every teams point totals for the 2011/2012 NHL season.  Visit SportsInteraction.com to check out the over/under for each of the 30 NHL teams and check below for our predictions on some totals that we think are way off!

Ottawa Senators Over/Under 74.5

This is the lowest total shown of all 30 teams in the NHL.  This means that the oddsmakers think that the Senators are going to finish in last place in the entire league this season.  That’s just not going to happen.  The Sens came in 5th last in the NHL last season and that was without Craig Anderson in goal, while Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson nursed injuries for good portions of the year.  Sure, the team lost Mike Fisher and Chris Kelly, but the Senators record after the trade deadline was much better than prior to it and the Sens have brought in new players such as Nikita Filatov and possibly Mika Zibanejad to try to fill those roles.  The team was full of underachievers last year and if the Sens can play like they are capable the team should be hovering around 90 points by the end of the season, in a battle for a playoff spot.  This is an easy one.

Play: Senators over 74.5

Vancouver Canucks Over/Under 106.5

The Canucks finished the season with 117 points last year and I have not reason to believe they won’t finish with a similar amount this season.  Vancouver is still basically the same team and they will once again finish first the Western Conference.  They may not be the best team in the West, but they are close enough to finish first just based on the other 4 teams in their division.  24 of the Canucks games this year will be against the Flames, Wild, Avalanche and Oilers.  You can argue that those 4 teams are the worst 4 in the West.  For this reason alone the Canucks will easily finish with more than 106 points this season.

Play: Canucks over 106.5

Those are the only 2 really strong plays I have for the Sports Interaction over/under point totals, but just for fun I’m going to go through the rest of the teams and choose which way I’m leaning.  After the season I’ll come back to this post and let everyone know how I did.  I’m hoping for 20+ correct!

I’m just going to list the team, the over/under total amount, and my lean.

  • Anaheim Ducks – 95.5 – Under
  • Boston Bruins – 102.5 – Under
  • Buffalo Sabres – 98.5 – Over
  • Calgary Flames – 90.5 – Over
  • Carolina Hurricanes – 83.5 – Over
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 104.5 – Over
  • Columbus Blue Jackets – 86.5 – Under
  • Colorado Avalanche – 75.5 – Under
  • Dallas Stars – 87.5 – Under
  • Detroit Red Wings – 103.5 – Under
  • Edmonton Oilers – 77.5 – Over
  • Florida Panthers – 83.5 – Under
  • Los Angeles Kinds – 102.5 – Over
  • Minnesota Wild – 83.5 – Over
  • Montreal Canadiens – 92.5 – Under
  • Nashville Predators – 92.5 – Over
  • New Jersey Devils – 90.5 – Over
  • New York Rangers – 95.5 – Under
  • New York Islanders – 81.5 – Under
  • Philadelphia Flyers – 98.5 – Over
  • Phoenix Coyotes – 87.5 – Under
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 100.5 – Over
  • San Jose Sharks – 103.5 – Over
  • St. Louis Blues – 92.5 – Over
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 99.5 – Under
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 89.5 – Under
  • Washington Capitals – 107.5 – Over
  • Winnipeg Jets – 85.5 – Under
So that’s 14 unders and 16 overs, close enough.  I think I’ll get at least 25 of these :P.  Visit SportsInteraction.com if you want to place any of these bets yourself.  Check out our Sports Interaction review for more information on the sportsbook.

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