NHL Division Winners 2011-12 Betting Predictions and Odds


I am starting to get more and more excited about the 2011-12 NHL season with every day that passes.  Today I looked around for some division winners odds for the upcoming season and found some great odds at 5Dimes.com.  Last season I made a large bet on the San Jose Sharks to win the Pacific Division at +110 odds.  You can see the post at our NHL betting sister site here.  This year I have found a couple more great division winner bets that I am very confident with.

NHL Division Winner Odds and Predictions

Atlantic Division

Philadelphia Flyers +120
Pittsburgh Penguins +125
New Jersey Devils +900
New York Rangers +1000
New York Islanders +2500

This is just a lean.  I like the Flyers to take this division, especially with the uncertainty of Sidney Crosby for the upcoming season due to the fact he is still battling his concussion symptoms.  The Flyers have made a lot of moves in the off-season, and I think the addition of Bryzgalov will especially help their regular season performance.  The Flyers and Pens are both streaky teams in the regular season, and whichever one can keep their composure over the entire season will win the Atlantic.  The Devils have an outside chance, but the Rangers and Islanders will not win this division.

Northeast Division

Boston Bruins +120
Buffalo Sabres +170
Montreal Canadiens +1000
Toronto Maple Leafs +1800

This is just a lean.  The defending Stanley Cup Champions should win this division fairly easily.  The Sabres could give them a push, but I think the Sabres are being over estimated for the upcoming season.  As long as no Stanley Cup hangover occurs, the Bruins will win this division again.

Southeast Division

Washington Capitals -225
Tampa Bay Lightning +225
Carolina Hurricanes +1350
Winnipeg Jets +2500
Florida Panthers +5000

The Capitals will win this division with ease.  The (-225) odds are much shorter than last year due to the Lightning pushing them throughout the 2010-11 season, but the Capitals should once again win the Southeast and the entire Eastern Conference in the regular season.

Central Division

Detroit Red Wings -120
Chicago Blackhawks +280
Nashville Predators +325
St Louis Blues +1700
Columbus Blue Jackets +2500

I love the odds of +280 for the Blackhawks to win the Central!  Chicago will come into the season eager to prove that they are a legitimate Cup contender.  Two seasons ago they won the Central and then went on to win the Stanley Cup.  My prediction is that both of these things will happen again.  You can also get great Blackhawks Stanley Cup odds of +1500!

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Northwest Division

Vancouver Canucks -800
Calgary Flames +700
Colorado Avalanche +2500
Edmonton Oilers +2500
Minnesota Wild +2500

The Canucks will win this division.  You just have to decide if a 12.5% return on your money is enough for having it locked up for 8 months.

Pacific Division

Los Angeles Kings +150
San Jose Sharks +175
Anaheim Ducks +600
Phoenix Coyotes +750
Dallas Stars +825

I love the Sharks odds of +175.  The Kings did make some big moves and have a very good team going into this season, but the Sharks are proven Pacific division winners and have only gotten better.  They should be the favourites to win this division and at +175 I’m going to place a good sum on this division.

My favourite division winner bets are the Chicago Blackhawks at +225 and the Sharks at +175.  You could argue that the Canucks are the best regular season team in the West and are in a division with the four worst, which makes taking that bet at -800 very tempting if you have a lot of cash on hand.  My least favourite bet would be the Flyers at +120.

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