2015 Stanley Cup Odds and Predictions After 10 Games


NHL PredictionsWe are now around 10 games into the 2014-15 NHL season (some most teams have played between 8 and 11 games).  I wanted to take a quick look at the current Stanley Cup winner odds to see how they may have changed at this early point in the season.  I’m going to refer to this post at SportsBettingCanadian.ca for what the odds were heading into the season.  That article was posted on July 30th, so this is exactly three months later.  We’ve had the NHL preseason and the first 10 games of the regular season to get a much better idea of what each teams chances are.

At Sports Betting Canadian they used the best odds from either Bet365, Sports Interaction or Bodog for each team in the league.  In order to keep out the variables of different bookies offering different odds I will do the same.  That said, you can bet now on hockey at William Hill as well.  They are another good spot to compare the Stanley Cup odds I have listed below.

Stanley Cup Winner Odds – October 30th

I’m putting the July 30th odds in parentheses.  I have them in the order of their old odds as well.  The significant changes are bolded.

  • Chicago Blackhawks 8.00 (8.00)
  • LA Kings 9.00 (11.00)
  • Boston Bruins 12.00 (12.00)
  • Anaheim Ducks 10.00 (13.00)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins 12.00 (13.00)
  • St. Louis Blues 13.00 (13.00)
  • San Jose Sharks 13.00 (15.00)
  • New York Rangers 21.00 (18.00)
  • Colorado Avalanche 41.00 (19.00)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning 17.00 (19.00)
  • Minnesota Wild 19.00 (20.00)
  • Montreal Canadiens 13.00 (21.00)
  • Dallas Stars 29.00 (26.00)
  • Detroit Red Wings 29.00 (26.00)
  • Philadelphia Flyers 41.00 (31.00)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets 41.00 (34.00)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 41.00 (34.00)
  • Vancouver Canucks 34.00 (34.00)
  • Washington Capitals 41.00 (41.00)
  • New Jersey Devils 61.00 (53.00)
  • Arizona Coyotes 101.00 (67.00)
  • Ottawa Senators 41.00 (67.00)
  • Winnipeg Jets 101.00 (67.00)
  • Carolina Hurricanes 301.00 (81.00)
  • Nashville Predators 41.00 (81.00)
  • Calgary Flames 81.00 (101.00)
  • Florida Panthers 201.00 (101.00)
  • Edmonton Oilers 101.00 (101.00)
  • New York Islanders 36.00 (101.00)
  • Buffalo Sabres 251.00 (151.00)

The biggest drop from a legitimate contender to a pretender was the Colorado Avalanche who had their odds drop from 19.00 to 41.00 to win the Cup.  They are 2-4-4 as I’m writing this and they’re already making it a difficult task for them to turn things around and make the playoffs in the tough Western Conference.  If you believe in this team though, this is a great time to place a bet.

The Hurricanes also had a huge drop from 81.00 odds to 301.00 odds.  They lost both Staal brothers to injury (Eric is now back) and have yet to win a game this season.  I can’t see them making the playoffs, but I’m still surprised they have worse odds than the Sabres now.

The Habs odd shortened from 21.00 to 13.00 thanks to one of the best starts in the teams long history.  They are now 8-2-0 and don’t look like they will be slowing down anytime soon.  This team is a real threat in the East.

The Islanders were the other huge mover, coming down from odds of 100/1 to 35/1 after a strong start.  The Islanders have a lot of offense this season as they are currently averaging 3.89 goals for per game, which is the most in the league.  If they can stay hot they should make the playoffs in the East and then anything can happen.

Once again, these odds are from Bet365.com and Bodog.eu.  I suggest also checking out www.5Dimes.eu if you plan on placing a wager.

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