Dallas Cowboys St. Louis Rams Week 7 Betting Prediction


Dallas Cowboys betting oddsWhat started as such a promising year for Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams continues to go from bad to worse as they prepare for their match against the Dallas Cowboys. While the Cowboys have a losing record at 2-3 to this point of the season, they have faced some severe opposition so far including a close loss to the New England Patriots last weekend. While quarterback Bradford was initially heralded as the star that would lead the Rams to success, his numbers this year are nothing short of disappointing. Looking at the key statistics, we can see that the Rams passing offense ranks 31st in Net Yards per Attempt which is obviously a critical problem and a glaring criticism of Bradford’s success. This is not to say that Bradford is solely to blame for the Rams’ winless season so far, as the rest of the team has definitely had a subpar year as well. But however we want to divide up the blame for St. Louis’ failures this year, the end result is that they have yet to achieve success.

Even as Rams quarterback Sam Bradford gets a big dose of criticism, he is currently suffering through a high ankle sprain which may keep him out of the matchup with the Cowboys altogether. This leaves the St. Louis offense in the hands of mediocre backup A.J. Feely which certainly can’t help the Rams. While the Rams offense has looked quite poor this year, averaging just 6.3 points over the last three games their defense is just as bad. The Rams defense has given up an average of 26 points over the same last three games and is facing key injuries to Tackle Rodger Saffold and Defensive Back Marquis Johnson. Expect the Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan to create some huge headaches for either a limited Sam Bradford or a largely ineffective AJ Feely.

While the Cowboys quarterback has faced some criticism so far this year, you’d have to think the fans (and indeed teammates) have to admire his performance as he plays through injury. While one could argue that the Dallas Cowboys have played down to their opponents to some degree, they at least gave the New England Patriots a run for their money last weekend. Cowboys fans have to be largely hopeful at their teams prospects this year, as long as Tony Romo keeps making wise decisions that allow his teams ferocious defense to create opportunities. Cowboys Linebacker Demarcus Ware is having a stellar year so far, with 14 solo sacks to his credit and he looks to attack whichever Rams quarterback has to face him. The addition of Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd will make a difference in the Rams offence long-term but with the questions at quarterback this weekend and for how new he is to the St. Louis playbook his impact against the Cowboys should be minimal. All signs point to the Cowboys making a statement game of the Rams at home this weekend.

Prediction: Take the Dallas Cowboys -13 at home against the struggling and injured St. Louis Rams. (BetOnline.com)

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