Cincinnati Bengals Seattle Seahawks Week 8 Betting Prediction


Bengals betting predictionCincinnati Bengals Defence to Feast on Seattle Seahawks

Coming into this season most NFL observers expected the Seattle Seahawks to have some difficulties on both sides of the ball. After last Sunday’s 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns even the most dedicated of Seahawks fans must be questioning what the future holds for their team. Let’s look at the three keys to this Sunday’s match between the Seattle Seahawks and the Cincinnati Bengals and see how NFL bettors can profit from this game.

The first key has to be the problems for Seattle at the quarterback position. With Tavaris Jackson still questionable due to injury, the likelihood seems to be that backup Charlie Whitehurst will get the start. While Whitehurst has put in a lot of time in the NFL which at least lends some credence to his experience, as his last game against the very mediocre Cleveland Browns illustrated he has some severe shortcomings in his game. Judging from the three points total offense the Seahawks were able to muster in their last game, the problems stemming from the quarterback position are readily apparent. However, there is plenty of blame to go around in Seattle as the wide receivers and tight ends dropped plenty of passes, the running game was non-existent and the offensive line gave up three sacks in the first quarter alone. If NFL bettors took this last game in isolation, it may be possible to have more confidence in Seattle’s chances this weekend. After looking at the entire season, however, it is my opinion that the game against Cleveland serves as a useful illustration of Seattle in general.

The second key to this game has to be the number of injuries the Seattle Seahawks have listed at this point, and the number of starting players that have no real chance of returning in the immediate future. Probably the most pressing concerns for Seattle would be Tavaris Jackson at quarterback and Marshawn Lynch at running back, both of which are listed as questionable due to injury. Even prior to sustaining a high-grade pectoral strain Tavaris Jackson was struggling to lead the Seahawks offense to success and was often scrambling out of the pocket for his own safety. So even if Jackson gets the start for Seattle this weekend, bettors can be sure his success will be further hampered by his injury. Lynch was one of the physical and emotional leaders for this Seahawks team, at least allowing for the option of a dangerous run and bringing passion to his teammates. From all reports even if Lynch sees playing time against the Bengals, it will be in a very limited capacity.

The third key to this game is the defensive prowess that the Cincinnati Bengals bring against an offensively challenged Seahawks team. Looking over the last three games we see that the Bengals are giving up 100 yards less through the air than the Seahawks and twenty yards less to the rushing attack. Most power rankings have the Bengals defence near in the top five overall and most of their key players are healthy going into the match with Seattle. Although the Bengals do not put up huge points on the offensive side of the ball, they can still point to their win over the surprisingly successful Buffalo Bills as a statement that their system is working. Quarterback Andy Dalton has looked comfortable leading the Bengals so far and goes into the game against Seattle with a respectable 84.3 QB rating and 7 touchdowns to 5 interceptions.

Prediction: Take the Cincinnati Bengals and lay the point against the Seattle Seahawks (

Written by Greg Smith

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