Spurs @ Raptors January 24 Free Pick


We won our first couple in the Association this season but have been teetering and tottering around .500 ever since. In other words, we’re just sipping the juice, or paying the price of entertainment. At 4-4 so far this season that price isn’t high enough to keep us from returning to the black if we win one tonight.

Free Pick

I was just the least bit conflicted when I ‘capped this one because the Kyle Lowry was embarrassed his last time out, Terrence Ross will probably play with a ton of energy tonight in place of DeMar DeRozan and the Raptors as a team are generally very desperate at this point. Yet the Spurs looked so tempting!

We’ll start with Lowry who was tossed in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s home loss against Phoenix after scoring just 15 points. That was the Rap’s third straight loss – against Philly, Charlotte and Phoenix, no less. And now they’ve been hit with the news that DeRozan and his nearly 28 points per game will be out for the next two games. So what’s to like about Toronto at home? For one, that guy Lowry will be re-energized and the supporting cast that will be asked to do a lot more than it’s used to being asked to do should be ready to run with him.

But it just might not matter if Kawhi Leonard comes back to his team that’s played so well since a bit of an embarrassing loss – albeit by three points – at home to the Suns. It doesn’t matter that Parker and Gasol and Ginobili are out; the wheels just keep churning. But could the machine be a little overworked playing its third road game in four nights? Instead of taking the Spurs I’m going to go in a different direction.

San Antonio has put up over 100 points (and in most instances many more than 100) in 21 straight games. I believe the offense will always be there with Pop and his guys. But will the legs be available to run with a Toronto team that will play a little more desperately – and certainly faster – than usual tonight? I’m not sure. And that has me thinking that a total of 206 seems low.

Free Pick: Over 206

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