Nuggets @ Mavericks April 11 Free Pick


The way I watch basketball, I’d prefer if there were fewer games on every night.

I almost never go to games in-person. I watch on tv and on my computer, whether the Celtics are playing or not. You would categorize me as as a fan who watches the NBA every night.

There’s always a game on. But often times there are too many games on. I don’t need all those choices, nor do I want them because it makes it harder to keep up with the league. The games also lose competitiveness. Players rest and teams fall out of contention early. Schedule fewer games and those problems slowly go away.

Of course, fewer games would mean higher ticket prices, which wouldn’t make those who like going to games happy. And it would hurt tv revenue because not every fan will tune in if his/her team isn’t on that night.

So for now, we’ll just have to gamble. Denver is in Dallas tonight for game #81. Both teams are eliminated from playoff contention and Dallas would benefit from a loss, but it’s not why I like the Nuggets.

Free Pick

A thoughtful Mike Malone

Denver is snug in the no. 9-seed of the Western Conference, 2.5 behind Portland and 5 clear of New Orleans. In the spirit of “what’s in it for me?” it’s a spot most teams today dread. Except I don’t think that’s Mike Malone’s mindset.

The Nuggets know they’re time is coming. They know they’ll be in the playoffs for the foreseeable future; the biggest reason why being their depth.

A dozen players average at least 13 minutes per game and they’ve all started at least seven games: Gallinari, Jokic, Chandler, Harris Barton, Mudiay, Murray, Faried, Nelson, Plumlee, Arthur, Hermangomez. It’s healthy and competitive depth that may leave Denver with just enough in the tank to win these last two and reach the 40-win plateau.

Dallas, meanwhile, has lost four straight, eight of nine and is still closer to its recent contention than anything it will experience in the future.

The game is in Dallas and the greatest effect of that might be that it means we can get Denver as a PK. The Mavs have great fans but I still give the edge to the much better team of the two.

Free Pick: Denver

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