Bodog Courtside Game of the Weeks Lakers vs Mavericks

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Every week Bodog offers a courtside game of the week, which allows Bodog bettors to wager on a game live during the play.  This week, the spotlight falls on the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks.  The Lakers are in Dallas to take on a Mavericks team that is in a rut.

The Mavs have lost 6 in a row, while the Lakers have won 8 of their last 10.  This statistic makes the fact that the Lakers are only 3.5 point favourites prior to the game a little strange.  The Lakers are (14-7) on the road this season, while the Mavericks are (14-8) at home.  At this point in time I’m leaning towards the Lakers winning by much more than the required 3.5 points.  All of the NBA betting tips I have found point me to believe that the Lakers should be much bigger favourites in this one.

But moving on.  The great thing about this being Bodog’s courtside game of the week is that you can watch the game and bet live after seeing which team is coming out strong and who is on their game this evening.  The live betting feature really puts you inside the game and allows you to use your NBA knowledge to beat the bookies on a live basis.  You have to be quick though because the lines will change often throughout the game and whenever a big play happens the line will be frozen so it can be adjusted to meet what is actually occuring within the game.

This season I haven’t been watching too much basketball, but when I have gotten the urge to place some NBA wagers I’ve found my NBA predictions HERE.  Just following that site I’ve been able to put together a winning NBA betting season and I am planning to continue tailing.  I suggest anyone reading this does the same.

In the meantime visit to bet live on the Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks primetime NBA game this evening!

Written by: Niko de Jonge

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