San Diego Padres vs. Tampa Bay Rays August 17 Free Pick


Hi there folks. I found myself moving around the north of Uganda with a Christian mission group for the last week. Some parents of a longtime friend came on down so, naturally I had to follow them around in my adopted country. It gave me an uninterrupted week to explore my faith and it still seems pretty apparent to me that we don’t know where we came from. It’s sure nice to be gambling again. To the Trop!

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Y’all know I’ve been itching to start backing Chris Archer on the reg since about his first three bad starts in April. I’ve only tried once or twice because it just hasn’t worked. He’s throwing the same pitches he did in his very successful last season, but he isn’t throwing them as well. Archer has lost nearly a mile per an hour on his four-seamer since last year and his changeup is three-quarters of a mile faster. Nothing is negligible in this business. A slower fastball and faster changeup makes for pretty simple math and, as per now, Mr. Archer peaked in 2015.

So why am I here with a Padres under ticket tonight? Because I’m going to be a reckless gambler. And the gut says that our guy doesn’t need an extra freakin’ mile-and-three-quarters difference tonight. Archer is still sexy and the Pads stink anyway. Let’s keep ’em under for half a U and get a little breathing room, baby.

Gut Says: Padres TT U3.5 -105

YTD: 22-21-1 +0.05

2015: 31-25-5 +1.09

2014: 45-28-3 +9.02

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