Do The Yankees Have a Shot This Year? The Oddsmakers Say “Not Really”


YankeesThe New York Yankees are by far the most storied and popular team in Major League Baseball.  They’ve won 27 World Series titles in their history, which is a ridiculous number when you consider that the St. Louis Cardinals are the second most successful team in the history of the MLB with 11 World Series wins.  The Yankees also have the most fans in the MLB, with a recent study showing the Yankees have 8.39 million fans, which is far more than 5.11 million of the second place Red Sox or the fewer than 3 million than all of the other teams in the MLB.  With all of this past history, the massive fan base and of course the fat wallet you would think that the Yankees have a decent shot at winning the World Series every year.  But this year, the oddsmakers just don’t seem to think that’s the case.

I’ve looked at the futures odds from (full review here) and it looks like the Yankees are in tough in a big way this coming season.

Odds To Win AL East

AL East Odds BetOnline

The Blue Jays (+180) and Red Sox (+190) are the two big favourites in the AL East this season.  The Yankees have odds of +375 to win the division, which is about a 22% chance at winning the division.  If the Yankees fail to win the AL East, which is without a doubt the most difficult division in the MLB this season, then their chances diminish greatly.  They would need to first claim one of the wild card spots and then win the 1 game play-in, both of which are tall tasks.

Odds To Win American League Pennant

The good news, perhaps, is that if the Yankees do manage to make it into the post season, they are being given a decent chance at winning the AL Pennant.  Here are the odds to win the American League, including all teams with shorter or the same odds as the Yankees:

  • Toronto Blue Jays +550
  • Boston Red Sox +600
  • Houston Astros +650
  • KC Royals +650
  • Cleveland Indians +900
  • Texas Rangers +900
  • New York Yankees +900

Odds To Win The World Series

The problem becomes that the National League has the four biggest favorites to win the World Series this year.  Here are the odds including the teams with shorter odds than the Yankees:

  • Chicago Cubs +600
  • New York Mets +800
  • San Francisco Giants +900
  • LA Dodgers +1000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +1200
  • Boston Red Sox +1400
  • Houston Astros +1400
  • St. Louis Cardinals +1400
  • Washington Nationals +1400
  • New York Yankees +1800

As you can see there are 9 other teams who are being given a better chance than the Yankees to win the World Series this season.  Add in the fact that the Yankees odds are probably slightly shortened due to them being a highly popular public team and we can conclude that the Yankees really do not have much of a chance to win the World Series this year.

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