Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians May 3 Play


Sorry for the May 1 disaster. But I believe we’ve got a winner Tuesday.

The Indians were swept by the Phillies last weekend, one of those early season sweeps where three straight wins/losses dramatically affect a team’s record and the reactions of the talking heads in the morning. The Phillies are terrible. And Cleveland will be fine as long as they don’t let the raft drift too far out to sea while the lineup figures things without its best player.sbl

This bookies have the public by the balls with a matchup like this. Josh Tomlin is so good and so anonymous, especially against a pitcher your mom knows, that the house hangs a juicy number on Detroit and willingly takes some lopsided action on the bad side. We won’t swim with the public here.

It’s a new month, the Tribe comes home with clear heads after a day off and a nine-game road trip that began with a win against Justin Verlander. This time Verlander and the wife are in the news so let’s play this one for double and ride with the men in suits.

Free Pick: Indians -120

YTD: 5-5-1 +0.04

2015: 31-25-5 +1.09

2014: 45-28-3 +9.02

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