Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox Game 3 Free Pick


I have an explanation. It was nearly two weeks ago when my Internet went dark. The next day I found myself in a cafe, trying desperately to lock in our last play of the regular season. Turns out the network in Nsangi, Uganda isn’t much more reliable than the situation I have carved out of the jungle.

Anyway, the Blue Jays lost to the Sox as our underdog so I saved all of us a loss there. But now I’m making picks without the last two weeks of action to go by. Consider these plays strictly leans until I’m back in the swing of things.

Free Pick

Funny as it may be, the Indians find themselves in a tricky spot here because game three might be the one that they really want to win. Boston literally faces the must-win here, but might have to bring Rick Porcellosbl back in game four (even if John Farrell doesn’t want to) and stretch that depleted Cleveland rotation further than it really wants to go without Danny Salazar. Looking beyond that, any team that has won two straight has the advantage in a decisive game, no matter the venue. Though Corey Kluber at home is a nice ace-in-the-hole.

So how hungry will the Tribe come out tonight at Fenway? Josh Tomlin is really a good pitcher and I just do no, will not, trust Clay Buchholz. Papi’s last season might have some magic left, we’ll have to see, but if there’s anyone who may just let it die in a nice, tidy sweep at the hands of Cleveland, it’s Clay Buchholz. If those Indians come out looking for blood, it’s an excellent chance this one’s one, two, three in a row. And for that price, I’m definitely leaning that way.

This one won’t go against the record, but it’s worth mentioning.

Indians +130

YTD: 36-24-1 +5.75

2015: 31-25-5 +1.09

2014: 45-28-3 +9.02

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