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Fantasy sports leagues have really taken off in recent years with many new sites establishing themselves as competitors to the industry leader,  The daily or weekly fantasy leagues are a great alternative to the season long fantasy leagues many sports fans participate in with their friends because you get a new team every night/week with the players you think will perform in those games.  There is no waiting a full season to see if you win the prize.  Instead if you pick the right players for that night you will be receiving your prize right away.

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Top Daily Fantasy Website

As mentioned earlier is currently the #1 Fantasy Sports Leagues site online, but the industry is becoming much more competitive with some other fantasy sites offering a similar product. Check out our Fantasy Sports Site reviews for more information on some of the big players in this growing industry.

How It Works

As mentioned earlier daily fantasy sports league games run for either one day or one week (NFL) so you are able to pick new teams every night/week.

You pick your players against a salary cap and enter your team in tournaments.  These tournaments can have anywhere from 1 other opponent to upwards of 100 if you enter a large contest.  The buy-in to these events can also vary from as little as $1 to over $500.

The salary of each available player will change throughout the season depending on their performance and projections, so it is up to you to keep on top of your desired sport and find players who are undervalued at the Fantasy Sports Site you are using.

Rules & Scoring

The scoring differs for each sport, so click on one of the fantasy sports sections above to see how points are allotted.  The scoring structure will be basically the same at whichever Fantasy Site you are using, but make sure you know the points system well so you can best use your knowledge to pick a winning team.

Fantasy Sports Tips

Here are a few basic fantasy sports tips that apply to every sport.  For more detailed tips on your preferred sport, click on that fantasy sport link above.

  • Join Leagues Late – If you join a league last then in theory you will have the most information available to you when picking your fantasy team for the night.  You will have had more time to learn which goaltender will be starting in an NHL game or if Aaron Rodgers will be back from his injury to lead the charge for the Packers.  Information is power when picking your fantasy sports teams and if you join tournaments late then you should have more information than your opponents.
  • Pick Active Players – There is no worse feeling than setting your fantasy sports lineup and finding out later that one of your players won’t even be seeing any action in the nights game.  Keep up to date on injuries and starting goaltenders etc.  If you don’t have a full lineup you are at a huge disadvantage to start the night.
  • Pick Undervalued Players – You will notice that the salaries of players aren’t updated as frequently as they should be and this can result in some steals if you know what to look for.  Look for players who are performing at a high level and being given the chance to succeed on their teams, but their salaries are still very low.  Some of these undervalued players could be players starting in place of injured players, backup goalies who are getting the start or players on hot streaks.

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