Utah State vs Fresno State Week 7 Betting Odds and Prediction

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Utah State Aggies betting onlineThere are certain teams that always seem to throw me off. I bet on them and they lose, I bet against them and they win. Utah St is becoming one of those teams. The sample size isn’t large enough yet to write them off but if I fail with them again this week I may be done with them for good.

A team that I should have written off a long time ago is Fresno St. The previous 2 seasons I have had terrible luck trying to predict how this team will perform.

So if I have two teams playing one another that I have a poor track record with, why am I even bothering with them you ask? Undoubtedly I like self abuse.

Utah State vs Fresno State Betting Odds

Utah State -3.5
Fresno State +3.5

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Utah State vs Fresno State Prediction

Seriously, I like the match-up here. If you consider a home team is generally awarded roughly 3 points for home field advantage then Utah St is theoretically favored by 6.5 here. When you look at the fact that Utah St’s scoring average is 42.6 and Fresno St allows an average of 36.5 ppg, I like that. Then you see that Fresno St average score is 26.7 ppg and Utah St allows an average of 28 ppg, I like that as well. Throw in a slight edge in special teams and yards gained and I like Utah St all the more.

I don’t expect Utah st to follow up this game like the win last week over Wyoming 63-19 but I do look for them to have another decent output. I can see Utah St winning this game in the neighborhood of 33-20 which gives us a nice little cover.

Play: Utah State -3.5

Written by: David Wallace

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