SMU at Southern Miss Week 8 Betting Prediction

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Southern Miss spread bettingHere we have a match-up of identical 5-1 (SU) and 4-2 (ATS) teams. The Mustangs and Golden Eagles haven’t played since 2008 so there are no recent comparisons to go on here. If you look closer to just how identical these two teams are you will see that SMU is coring and average of 33.7 ppg and Southern Miss 38.7 ppg. SMU is allowing and average of 20 ppg and Southern Miss is allowing 22 ppg.

Both teams have an impressive win on their schedule, SMU beating TCU on the road and Southern Miss downing Virginia also on the road. The only significant difference is in who they have lost too. SMU lost at Texas A&M 46-14 and Southern Miss lost at Marshall 26-20.

So why on earth would I attempt to pick a winner between teams that are so close?

I want so bad to tell you I have some inside information. You know the old. I know a guy who dated a girl that is now seeing the cousin of the washroom attendant to the team kind of inside info. Alas, that’s not the case. In fact I honestly don’t have a solid reason other than I simply like one of these teams right now to win this game. Call it a hunch, call it blind faith, call it crazy but I like the Mustangs on the road to not just cover but win the game outright.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Play: SMU -3

Written by: David Wallace

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