Harvard/North Carolina State Teaser – March 20 Free Pick

By College Basketball

Wasn’t the 16 seed play-in just enough to wet an immense appetite for Thursday afternoon? If only I was around for the cold turkey wait from Selection Sunday to the First Round on Thursday. Who knows, it might have been too much. Either way, the First Four is the disappointing appetizer that the phenomenal dinner will shortly overshadow and make us forget about. It doesn’t mean it’s right!!

But now we’re here. And the card actually isn’t as deep as many bi-annual degenerates would like tomorrow. But the run should live on with a Harvard/North Carolina State five-point teaser to open thing. tyler

I’m really not sure who wins either of these two games. A really good Harvard team plays an equally good opponent in a game that no one will agree on beyond that it will be close. And if I’ve learned anything about math, sports or the combination of the two, that’s a spot to tease a small underdog. Harvard and Cincinnati go at it for 40 minutes tomorrow, maybe 45. Only late-game foul shenanigans push this one beyond eight.

And then you have the Wolfpack of North Carolina State coming off the game everybody knew it would win and running into the game everybody knows it will win. I’m not sure NC State does actually win this one in a spot where Tyler Lewis will have to play big against Jordair Jett. But there isn’t much of a shot that the Billikens stretch double-digits. A Saint Louis tactical win is a wide possibility. An NC State track meet blowout is also right there. That doesn’t leave much room for a SLU blowout. Nine points will be nice and cozy.

That’s 20 for the last 24. We break 80 percent tomorrow. I even play this one for double.

Free Pick: Harvard+8 / NC State +9 Tease

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