5Dimes Marketing Code

***5Dimes no longer has a Marketing Code option when opening an account.  Instead follow the instructions below to get up to $520 in bonus dollars.

Updated: November 25th, 2012

Guide To 5Dimes Bonus

  • Step 1: Close the current 5Dimes.eu sign up form.
  • Step 2: Follow THIS LINK to 5Dimes.eu (a new window will open so you can continue following these instructions).
  • Step 3: Click on the REGISTER TODAY! button directly under the player login form.
  • Step 4: Complete your 5Dimes registration and make your first deposit.
  • Step 5: Contact 5Dimes customer support to request your bonus!

5Dimes Bonus Link <- Click this link and follow the instructions above!

5Dimes Bonus Information

5Dimes offers all players who sign up using a 5Dimes marketing code (like the one explained above) a first deposit bonus of up to $520.  You must deposit at least $100 to receive this bonus.  Any deposit amount between $100 and $400 will receive a bonus equal to 50% of the deposit.  If you deposit more than $400, then any additional amount will receive a bonus equal to 20% of the deposit.

For example, if you deposit $200 you will receive a $100 bonus (50% of $200).  And if you deposit $600 you will receive a $240 bonus (50% of $400 + 20% of $200).

The bonus is not immediately available for use.  Instead you receive 10% of the bonus amount every time you wager the total amount of your bonus one time through.  For example, if you have a $100 bonus, you will receive $10 every time your wagers add up to $100.  This will continue until your total bonus has been released.

***It is important that you remember to contact 5Dimes.eu via live help, email or telephone within 24 hours of making your deposit in order to request your bonus.  Any wagers that you make before requesting your bonus will not count towards your wager requirements for releasing the bonus.

Do I Have To Enter A 5Dimes Marketing Code To Receive The Bonus?

As mentioned above, 5Dimes.eu no accepts marketing codes when opening new accounts.  Simply follow the instructions above and you will receive the bonus.  Just remember to contact 5Dimes customer support after making your deposit to request the bonus.

5Dimes Marketing Code Bonus Rating

8.5 out of 10

The overall size of the 5Dimes bonus can be very large ($520). However you would need to deposit $2,000 to receive the entire $520 bonus. The size of your bonus is also somewhat hard to calculate because up to $400 you are being matched at 50% and from then on your deposit is matched at 20%. It’s also not great that the bonus isn’t immediately available for use and a rollover of 10 times the bonus amount is a fairly high rollover for the industry. That being said there is no expiry on this bonus so you will receive your entire bonus no matter how long it takes you. Overall this is a very solid bonus for players who intend to do the majority of their betting at 5Dimes.eu.

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